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Heidi Hart

By day, I'm a domestic violence prosecutor. By night, I read romance to restore my faith in love, relationships, and humanity in general. 

July Reading Recap

The Windflower - Laura London Fanning the Flames - Victoria Dahl The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan When Lightning Strikes - Meg Cabot The Book of Life - Deborah Harkness The Perfect Match - Kristan Higgins Then Came You - Jill Shalvis Rusty Nailed - Alice Clayton Mr. Impossible - Loretta Chase Truly - Ruthie Knox

I did a ton of reading this month: 16 books, including two uber-long ones (The Windflower and The Book of Life), thanks to a vacation week and several (alright, too many) very late nights. I usually average ~10 books per month. No 5 star reads, but The Windflower and Fanning the Flames were solid 4.5s, and most of the others I found really entertaining and enjoyable, even where I had some quibbles (The Suffragette Scandal, The Book of Life, Meg Cabot's Missing series). Only two stinkers: Rusty Nailed was a chore to finish, and Mr. Impossible I DNF'd a third of the way through.


I haven't finished Ruthie Knox's Truly ARC, which is being published next Tuesday, August 5, but I am in heaven so far.


I can't believe it's almost August! This summer is flying by too fast.