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Warning: This Book Will Entertain Your Toddler MUCH Longer Than It Will Entertain You.

Press Here - Hervé Tullet, Christopher Franceschelli

We received this as a birthday gift for my one-year-old, but his three-year-old brother likes it better. It's a unique and beautifully simple concept, beginning with a single yellow dot and basic text instructions: "Press here." The child does that, and upon turning the page, sees the effect of his action--one dot becomes two, then three, then they change color, etc.--and each page has new instructions--i.e., rub the dot on the left; press all of the yellow dots, shake the book, tilt the book right, clap your hands. Kids thus get practice with following simple instructions, learning colors, telling left from right, and so on.


I appreciate the novelty of this book, but as with so many books for very young children, it's much more interesting to the kiddos than to the mamas, and both my wife and I get very bored with it long before our sons do.