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Don't Bother.

Blushing Violet - Ann Mayburn

I must've picked this up as a freebie or cheapie somewhere along the line, I don't remember: it was in the long, long list of stuff I hadn't yet read on my Kindle, so I gave it a shot. My advice: skip it. 


It's not even worth a full review, but here are the two main reasons I hated this book:


1. The heroine, Violet, is a total doormat. When I looked this book up, I see the blurb comes right out and says she has "almost nonexistent self-esteem," so evidentally I was warned. I should've known better: I need a heroine to have some backbone. 


2. The heroes are lying douchenozzles, because that's what every doormat heroine needs, right? They are friends, and each wants to date her. Rather than tell her about thier relationship, they agree to each date her, not tell her about the other, and then let her choose. (Again, the blurb warns about all this. I swear, if I'd read the blurb ahead of time, I wouldn't have downloaded this book, free or not -- maybe I'm one-clicking in my sleep or something.) But of course she likes both of them, so they blindfold her and do her together (introducing the second guy as a friend of the first guy, but not telling her that second guy is THE second guy that she's dating). She freaks out, runs away (somehow STILL not noticing that Second Guy is her Second Guy, making her TSTL), and the next time she gets together with first guy, he has the fucking audacity to lecture her about the need for total honesty in a BDSM relationship! WTeverlovingF?! Of course, when the jig is up, she's pissed, they're sorry, but she's such a doormat she takes them back and agrees to be their sub dishonestly every after.