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By day, I'm a domestic violence prosecutor. By night, I read romance to restore my faith in love, relationships, and humanity in general. 

Funny and Bridget Jones-esque

Ripped - Sarah Morgan

I enjoyed this holiday novella from Sarah Morgan. Hayley's pride won't let her refuse to serve as a bridesmaid when her ex-lover marries her ex-friend, even though it means wearing an ugly, too-tight, bilious yellow tube-top of a dress. When Hayley suffers an epic wardrobe malfunction during the ceremony, only the best man, Nico Rossi, comes to her aid. Nico is controlled, emotionless, cold... or so Hayley has always assumed. However, in the tradition of Mr. Darcy (both Elizabeth Bennett's and Bridget Jones'), Nico's apparent grumpy-pants turn out to be horny-pants in disguise.


This story strongly reminded me of Bridget Jones' Diary and also of Sarah Mayberry's Her Best Worst Mistake, so it didn't feel fresh or unique --  but it was funny and well-paced. I loved the bond between Hayley and her sister Rosie. I also liked that, even within the shortened-form of a novella, Sarah Morgan conveyed the sense that both Hayley and Nico had rich, emotional backgrounds that weren't part of the story but were essential to their characters.