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If You're a Stickler for Historical Accuracy, This Book Isn't For You

In Bed with a Highlander (McCabe) - Maya Banks

As near as I can tell, Maya Banks barely even tries for historical realism. At one point, her heroine (in 12th-century Scotland) tells us she "isn't enthused" about something. On the other hand, if you're just looking for a good time and wallpaper historicals don't bug you much, you'll probably enjoy this. I did.  


Mairin is the illegitimate daughter of the late Scottish King Alexander. He settled a huge, very valuable tract of land upon her as a dowry, which ensured that she would forever be in danger of being kidnapped by power-hungry clan leaders. Then he branded his mark into her thigh--(who brands an infant?! Don't think too hard on that, is my advice)--so that any brigand who wanted to kidnap her had only to yank up her skirts to make sure he had the right girl. Then he hid her away in an abbey to be protected by nuns, because, yeah, nuns are so well known for their mad defensive skills when invaded by marauding warriors, right? 


So, the hiding with nuns thing works about as well as you'd think, and Mairin gets kidnapped by the villainous Duncan Cameron, who beats her when she refuses to marry him. She escapes with a little boy who was caught trying to steal Cameron's horses, and soon they both wind up back with the plot moppet's family, Clan McCabe. It doesn't take the Laird, Ewan McCabe, long to figure out who Mairin is and realize that her birthright would be his clan's salvation. He marries her for reasons no less mercenary than Cameron, but at least he asks her nicely. 


Of course, Cameron doesn't give up that easily, and the plot moves right along, full of battles and court intrigue and derring-do, and being Maya Banks, there're plenty of sexy times (though not nearly as much as Banks' erotic romances) on the way to the HEA.