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Packed With Penis, Shadowfever Really Satisfies

Shadowfever  - Karen Marie Moning

Actually, that title is misleadingly hyperbolic. There is sex in this fifth and final installment, but not a ton of it. Probably not even enough of it to satisfy a lot of the Jericho Barrons fangirls. The Fever series has a strong romantic element, but the meat-and-potatoes of the plot in Shadowfever is, as always, MacKayla Lane's personal quest to save her world from Fae. 


As I noted with Faefever and Dreamfever, it becomes increasingly difficult to review the Fever books as the series goes on, because the plot just builds and builds until anything I could say about what happens is a spoiler. 


So here's what I will say. I was totally caught up in the ride. I read the whole series in a week. I gave up sleep, I cheated work, I didn't return calls, I didn't pay enough attention to my wife and kids. I stole every spare minute I could from the rest of my life to ride the Fever ride, and it was fun, it was breathless, it was exhilarating. And as long as I don't think very deeply or critically, it was deeply satisfying.


In Shadowfever, Karen Marie Moning tied up the many, many loose ends from the previous installments in ways that were unexpected and exciting. There are plot twists that will make you slap yourself upside the head in delicious epiphany. It will seem like a chorus of angels will sing in your head, and all will seem brilliant and clear and perfect in that moment of oh-my-effing-god-i-FINALLY-get-it-now. That's an undeniably good, satisfying feeling, and I enjoyed--really enjoyed--Shadowfever for giving me that. 


Looking back at the series as a whole, though (and even to some extent even while I was caught up in the ride), I have some complaints. I will post a separate, more spoilery review of the 5 book bundle edition that will address those.