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By day, I'm a domestic violence prosecutor. By night, I read romance to restore my faith in love, relationships, and humanity in general. 

Alpha Male Sub: Free at Amazon Right Now

Natural Law - Joey W. Hill

If BDSM is at all your cuppa, go download this Right. Freakin'. Now. 


There isn't a lot of D/s erotica out there where the Dominant is a woman and the sub is an alpha male. Among what exists, still less bothers to develop a plot beyond the sexy times. What remains dwindles even further if you object to crimes against grammar and atrocious editing. If you want the whole package -- well-written and edited, decent plot and character development, sane, safe, and consensual kink with an alpha male sub and a strong, smart Domme -- then this is one your best, and quite possibly one of your only, options. 


Plus, did I mention it's FREE?


Mackenzie Nighthorse is a homicide detective investigating a string of serial killings of male submissives. Mac also happens to be a sub himself, so this case is personal. He meets Violet at a BDSM club, The Zone, and she shows him what domination and submission really mean. Over time, they develop an emotional and romantic connection above and beyond their sexual connection. 


I rarely enjoy mystery subplots (as a prosecutor, I get enough crime and mayhem at work) and this one was no exception -- I didn't care much about the murders, and I figured out whodunnit long before the story revealed it -- but the serial-killer plot was a necessary and believable anchor for the rest of the story, and it ties into the conflict that tests the main characters' relationship in the end.


Plus, even if you hate mysteries and skip all the pages having to do with that part of the plot (which I personally would never, ever, ever do, of course), this book is free, remember?