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Heidi Hart

By day, I'm a domestic violence prosecutor. By night, I read romance to restore my faith in love, relationships, and humanity in general. 

Heroine Needs a Quarter for the Self-Esteem Vending Machine

More Than One Night - Sarah Mayberry

I appreciate Sarah Mayberry's ability to craft relatable, sympathetic characters without a lot of manufactured drama. She writes about regular people dealing with every day situations, and that is refreshing. In this book, Charlie is a heartbreakingly earnest woman at a crossroads: she never knew her mother, her emotionally distant father has just died, and she has just left military service after more than a decade and is embarking on life as a civilian in a new city. My frustration with Charlie is her total lack of self esteem which, while understandable given her history, was really maddening and, frankly, dull.