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Juicy Little Tidbits for Fans of the Knitting in the City Series

Scenes from the City - Penny Reid
This collection of five scenes from Penny Reid's Knitting in the City series is a fun little bonus for fans waiting for the summer/autumn 2015 release of Happily Ever Ninja, the fifth book in the series. However, it won't hold much appeal for those not already following the series. The first four scenes are vignettes involving the couples that star in the first four books of the Knitting series, and I liked the story about Ashley and Drew (of Beauty and the Mustache) best. The scenes about Janie and Quinn (Neanderthal Seeks Human and Neanderthal Marries Human), Elizabeth and Nico (Friends Without Benefit), and Sandra and Alex (Love Hacked) were funny enough but not especially memorable.

What makes this book worth the $0.99 purchase price, though, is the fifth story, which flashes back to Fiona and Greg’s college years. This is the longest scene (actually several) in the collection, and it sets up the coming book, Happily Ever Ninja, very well. Although Fiona especially doesn’t fully ring true as a college student (her “voice” strikes me as too mature, though she does enter college with more than her share of life experience and hard knocks), she’s a fascinating character, and I can’t wait to read more about their relationship in the present day, now that they have settled into it.