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Really Didn't Rock My Boat

Dirty Rowdy Thing - Christina Lauren

After DNFing Beautiful Bastard, I would have written off Christina Lauren if not for Dear Author's review of Sweet Filthy Boy, which was a pleasant enough surprise to lead me to pick up Dirty Rowdy Thing, which was itself entertaining but not earth shattering.


In Sweet Filthy Boy, three female best friends celebrate their college graduation with a drunken weekend in Vegas, which results in the quickie marriages of the three lady friends to three male friends they meet in a bar. Of the three couples, only Mia and Ansel try to give marriage a shot (read all about it in SFB), while Harlow and Finn and Lola and Oliver get quickie annulments.


But Harlow can't quite get Finn out of her system. He turns up in her life again at a time when they are both desperately in need of distraction, Harlow because her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and Finn because his family fishing business is failing. They quickly fall into bed in an effort to avoid facing the more serious stuff going on in their lives, but it's quickly apparent that their relationship is getting pretty serious, too.


This was set up as an antagonistic, Slap-slap-kiss-kiss romance, but to be honest, I never felt the antagonism. That didn't bother me, because fight-em-and-fuck-em isn't my favorite trope anyway, but if it is yours, and if you're looking for a real conflict between these two, you may be disappointed.


As with SFB, there is lots and lots and lots of sex in this book; this time, it comes spiced with ropes and light BDSM elements. I was honestly kind of bored by the sex in SFB, but the sex in DRT at least fit with the plot a little more seamlessly.