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Just Phoning it In

Beyond Possession (Beyond, Novella #5.5) - Kit Rocha

I have devoured the Beyond series as the books and novellas have come out, unable to get enough even though dystopian fiction is generally a big fat NO for me. Maybe because it's just a novella and so there wasn't much time or space for character or plot development, but Beyond Possession didn't work for me. For the first time in the series, I felt like the authors (Kit Rocha is a pseudonym for two women friends who write together) were just phoning it in.


Plot Summary (mostly for my own benefit, because I know I'll have forgotten everything about this utterly forgettable story by next week): There is a rebellion brewing among the crafters and merchants in Sector 4. Tatiana (the gal who owns the fancy soap shop mentioned in previous books) is caught in the middle, because her sister is shacking up with the jackhole leading the rebellion. She could throw her lot in the with O'Kanes, but she can't because... REASONS, so she's trapped between a rock and a hard place. Zan (the guy who got shot in Beyond Denial, or maybe Beyond Pain, I forget) is supposed to secure Tatiana's loyalties for the O'Kanes, because... REASONS, but he doesn't want to manipulate her, or at least let her know she's being manipulated. And they both have the epic horny pants for each other, which is convenient if not especially compelling.